Indian Ocean

The vast country of India and its magnificent diversity in cultures have amazed many in history and present. From the crowded centuries-old cities on the banks of mother Ganga, the Ganges river, to the lush rainforests and great harbour cities like Visakhapatnam. India has brought the world Hinduism and Buddhism, along with its many artistic outings in the form of sculpture, painting and everything that comes with it. Furniture and artefacts from the Coromandel Coast were and are still highly sought after and are possibly the most elaborate wood carved objects in the world, next to these from Sri Lanka. The latter country, like India, has a long history of influences from other countries and continents like Europe. This resulted in the absolute pinnacle of beauty in style, which we present here.

zwarte panter donker.jpg
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ebben bedje.jpg

An extremely rare Dutch-colonial ebony cradle
Coromandel Coast, or Batavia (Jakarta), late 17th/early 18th century

An extremely rare black Leopard skin by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore, with jaw slightly agape
Taken by J. Macgillivray, manager of the Lattakoojan Tea Estate, Assam on 8-4-1946

Parelmoer kruithoorn a.jpg

An Indian Moghul mother of pearl powder flask

A Dutch-colonial Indian carved ebony box with silver mounts

aquarel Cambodja.jpg

A fine ruby inlaid iron, steel, silver, brass, gold Sinhalese Kasthane

Kingdom of Kandy, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the blade marked VOC Amsterdam and dated 1776, the hilt late 18th century

An anonymous British watercolour showing the grave of American missionary Ann Hasseltine Judson (1789-1826) at Kyaikkhami, Southeast Myanmar (Burma)

Marius Bauer.jpg
Palempor met wapen.jpg

A very rare Indian Armorial Chintz for the Dutch market


paar Sri Lanka stoelen.jpg
Kist Sri Lanka.jpg

A large Indian rosewood VOC chest with brass mounts     


A pair of Sri Lankan satinwood and cane high-back chairs


Marius Bauer (1867-1932)
Arriving at the Palitana temples, Gujarat, India (circa 1898)


A pair of extremely rare taxidermy tiger heads by VanIngen&VanIngen, Mysore

India, 1935, shot by Prince of Teck, the Duke of Athlone

Masulipadnam kist groot.jpg
Kabinet Frederik 01.jpg
Klok VOC 02.jpg
coromandel miniatuur.jpg
Visagapatam kist op onderstel.jpg
miniatuur verzamelaarskabinet 02.jpg

A Vizagapatam ebony and pen-engraved bone inlaid rosewood document box on later European stand


A charming satin and rosewood, ebony and teak Sri Lankan collectors’ table-cabinet with ivory knobs


A coromandel, Indian rosewood and palmwood miniature chest of drawers with silver mounts



The bell of the VOC fortress in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, marked JAFFANAPATNAM Ao 1747 VOC


A rare Sri Lankan two-door low-relief carved ebony and ivory cabinet with gilt-brass mounts


An extremely rare large colonial pen-engraved bone inlaid ebony document box with silver mounts


Ebben kabinetje 03.jpg
Coromandel miniatuur_1.jpg
Burgemeesterstoel rococco.jpg
Kashmir doos.jpg
Moghul zilveren doosje.jpg

A rare Pakistani inlaid lacquer and bone Puja box


A small Indian silver oval box



A fine Sri Lankan coromandel wood miniature cupboard


A Sri Lankan mãrã or East Indian walnut ‘Burgomaster’ chair


A high-relief carved ebony table cabinet




A large ‘shikar’ tiger skin (Panthera tigris tigris) prayer- mat by VanIngen & VanIngen, Mysore, with rare slightly agape mouth


The highly important and unique ebony and pen-engraved bone-inlaid

teak marriage cabinet of Governor-General

Diederik Durven (1676-1740) of the former Dutch East-Indies
Sri Lanka or Batavia, circa 1724

A magnificent Sri Lankan coromandel cabinet on stand


A rare complete Indian sadeli inlaid work and writing box


filigrain kistje.jpg

An Indian silver filigree casket with hinged cover


An Indian bezoar stone with silver and silver filigree mounts



Rieten mandje.jpg

A Sri Lankan woven basket with silver mounts



Jas Kashmir.jpg
Sadelie doos open.jpg

An Indian Kashmir silver-embroidered wool Choga, men's ceremonial coat


spill vase .jpg
Wandconsoles India.jpg
Katar 2.jpg
kistje anno 1740.jpg
Ceylon ivoren doosje.jpg

A magnificent low-relief carved ebony cabinet-on-stand



An Indian-Portuguese sculpture of The Holy Virgin holding the Child Jesus on her arm, giving him reading lessons



Three fine wood bible boxes​



A Vizagapatam pen-engraved ivory-inlaid rosewood writing box


coromandel miniatuur.jpg

A Sri Lankan Rococo coromandel wood miniature cabinet



Mersen kist.jpg

A rare Vizagapatam pen-engraved ivory inlaid document box with silver mounts


Two Sri Lankan tortoiseshell bible boxes with silver mounts


Miniatuur op ivoor.jpg
ebben kabinet a.jpg
Anna Maria.jpg

A pair of Sri Lankan ebony and cane easy chairs
(one sold)


A Sri Lankan satinwood and cane 'Burgomaster' chair


A Dutch colonial ebony, teak, sandalwood, rosewood and oak document box


A fine Sri Lankan openwork ivory box


A fine Sri Lankan satinwood 'Burgomaster' chair


Satijnhouten stoelen.jpg

Two rare Sri Lankan satinwood and cane high-back chairs




Ivoren sprenkelaars.jpg

A pair of seldomly seen French Indian colonial teak wood consoles


An Indian punch-dagger Katar and scabbard


A pair of Indian ivory scent or rosewater sprinklers


Pedersen 01.jpg
Pedersen 02.jpg
Ivoren bijbeldozen 2.jpg
schildpad bijbeldoosjes.jpg

A unique Anglo-Indian spill holder or spill vase


A collection of four ivory Sri Lankan bible boxes


Hugo Vildred Pedersen (1870-1959)

Portrait of a “Trommelslager 282”



Hugo Vildred Pedersen (1870-1959)

A portrait of a “Madras boy”



An important and rare large Indian 'Company style' painting on ivory depicting a parade


Kistje Cochin open copy.jpg
twee ebben stoelen copy.jpg
Grote kist.jpg

A large jackwood 'V.O.C.' chest with brass mounts


schrijfkist ivoor copy.jpg

A Vizagapatam pen-engraved ivory veneered sandalwood portable writing desk with silver mounts


Madras stoel.jpg

An extremely rare Indian ivory-inlaid ebony armchair


Goa reading lesson copy.jpg

An Indian-Portuguese wood and ivory sculpture of the Madonna seated on a throne, giving Jesus reading lessons



ivoren doosje met afbeelding copy.jpg
Tempel ornament India.jpg

An extraordinary pair of Indian ebony low chairs formerly owned by the Duke of Westminster


An Indian pink sandstone temple fragment


An Indian ivory casket with carvings after European prints


Rozenwatersprenkelaar copy.jpg

An Indian silver rosewater sprinkler


Birma zilver copy.jpg
Doos Ceylon.jpg
Ebben stoel 2 copy.jpg
Ebben armstoel.jpg

An Indian rosewood and ebony brass mounted box for the Islamic market


An Indian ebony side chair


An unusual Indian half-relief carved ebony armchair


Three Cambodian pumpkin-shaped silver boxes


Console ebben copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan ebony wall bracket by Don Andris Cabinet Makers, Colombo


Kruithoorn copy.jpg

A splendid large Indian mother-of-pearl covered powder-flask



An exceptionally finely carved Indian sandalwood box with silver mounts


Konigsbrunn copy.jpg


“Mönche unter einem Bodhi Baum” (Monks under a sacred bodhi tree)


Kist Spoor copy.jpg
Crusifix zwart.TIF.jpg

A Sri Lankan openwork-carved ivory and mica covered wood box with trapezoid-shaped lid and silver mounts

A delicately carved Portuguese Sri Lankan Crucifix

ivoren kistje ceylon.jpg
schildpad schrijfdoos.jpg
Ceylon zeskantig kistje copy.jpg
paar coromandel stoelen copy.jpg
Burgemeestersstoel copy.jpg

A pair of Sri Lankan coromandel wood high-back chairs



A Sri Lankan satinwood 'burgomaster' chair


A Sri Lankan jackwood and ebony hexagonal shaped chest with brass mounts

armstoel bekleed copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan or Indonesian rosewood and ebony armchair

Ceylonese koning ivoor.jpg

An ivory sculpture of a seated Sri Lankan king

A Sri Lankan tortoiseshell and ivory writing box

likeurkelder open copy.jpg

A Dutch-colonial decanter-box with silver mounts
Possibly Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan ivory chest with English silver mounts

Ivoren stok Ceylon copy.jpg
03 copy.jpg
Bureau kabinet.jpg
piering kust copy.jpg

A silver commemorative salver or 'schenkpiering' commemorating M.Juffrouw Maria Wilhelmina Cambier
Coromandel coast, Masulipatnam, 1735

A brass tobacco box with engraving Door gewelt gevelt, door’t regt herstelt, 1729 Colombo and at the back the initials A.S., B.P. and P.V.

Sri Lanka, 1729

A Sri Lankan Rococo coromandel and nedun wood bureau-cabinet


miniatuur Ceylon copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan coromandel and teak wood cupboard with ivory mounts


An impressive, large Indian figure of the Goddess Parvati

Late 18th/early 19th century

An extremely rare Sri Lankan or South Indian ivory armrest

17th century

madras chair 2 copy.jpg
Documenthouder copy.jpg
Voetstoel copy.jpg
ebben stoel copy.jpg
ebben tafeltje copy.jpg
Tafeltje Ceylon copy.jpg
Swellengrebel kist 2 copy.jpg

A rare, possibly 'Swellengrebel', teak VOC chest with brass mounts

Burgemeesterstoel copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan satinwood and cane 'Burgomaster' chair

A small Sri Lankan Amboyna burr, ebony and rosewood occasional table with brass mounts

A Dutch-colonial ebony table with stone top
Probably Coromandel coast, possibly Jakarta (Batavia)

kerkstoeltje copy.jpg

A Dutch-colonial ebony chair
Probably Coromandel coast, possibly Jakarta (Batavia)

Filigrain kistje copy.jpg

An Indian silver filigree casket

004 copy.jpg
001 copy.jpg

A white marble sculpture of “Ambika”, The Great Goddess

India/Rajasthan, 12th century


A sandstone sculpture of two Celestial Beauties looking into a mirror

Central India, 10th-11th century

gezicht op Madras copy.jpg

Attributed to Cornelis Frederik Stavenisse de Brauw (1801-1864)
Ship on roadstead of Madras, circa 1836

An Indian ebony chair
Coromandel coast, mid 17th century

An Indian rosewood sheet-silvered part gilt foot stool for a throne

spice container copy.jpg

A gilt-silver Sri Lankan document scroll container

A North-Indian repoussed and pierced silver spice container and scent dispenser

A North-Indian Hoshiapur brass-inlaid shisham

wood folding chair

Indian ivory box copy.jpg

An Indian ivory box with depiction of the myth of the four clever boys and the lion who killed them

filigree casket copy.jpg

An Indian silver filigree casket
Early 17th century


kist copy.jpg
satijnhouten tafeltje copy.jpg
crusifix spanish colonial copy.jpg

An Indo-Portuguese altarpiece (retablo) with Christ on the cross


ivory comb ceylon copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan satinwood occasional tripod table

vizagapatan ivory tea boxes copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan ivory comb
Late 16th century

A pair of ivory veneered Vizagapatam tea-caddies

ceylon troon copy.jpg

A large Sri Lankan Sũriya-mãrã or Ceylonese rosewood (Albizia odorotissima) and cane armchair

documentenkist copy.jpg

An unusual jackwood and ebony Sri Lankan chest

An Indian ivory and ebony-inlaid teak Vizagapatam document chest

6 stoelen copy.jpg
tortiare copy.jpg
schrijfkist copy.jpg
Bank copy.jpg

An extremely rare set of six Sri Lankan coromandel wood dining chairs

An exceptionally beautiful Sri Lankan ebony and coromandel wood torchère

A fine Sri Lankan coromandel wood and cane settee
Second half 18th century

beozoar copy.jpg
3 voet tafeltje copy.jpg

A Vizagapatam engraved-ivory-inlaid teak writing chest

with silver mounts

An Indian silver bezoar stone holder

Late 17th century

A Sri Lankan coromandel wood tripod table

Palempore copy.jpg
de Vos copy.jpg

An Indian Palempore chintz for the European market

Hubert Vos (1855-1935)
Portrait of a Punjabi in British India, circa 1898

messenset Sri Lanka copy.jpg

A rare set of twelve Burmese knives with intricately carved ivory handles

sept13_41 copy.jpg

Pascaert van ‘t Eylandt Ceylon, voordesen Taprobana, by de inwoonders genaemt Lankaun, by Joannes van Keulen, met privilegie voor 15 Jaar.

Sea chart of Ceylon, previously called Taprobana and by its inhabitors Lankaun, by Johannes van Keulen with privilege for 15 years.

Published in 1682

sept13_43 copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan coromandel wood cabinet on stand
Second half 18th century

sept13_35 copy.jpg

French romantic school, 19th century

“Indian Beauties”

Nov002 copy.jpg

A very fine Sri Lankan ivory and silver bible box

Nov003 copy.jpg

A very fine Sri Lankan ivory and gold bible box

sept13_14 copy.jpg

A  highly refined Indian partly-gilt silver filigree casket, possibly a reliquary box

sept13_54 copy.jpg

An Indian Bombay-presidency blackwood carved table

sept13_24 copy.jpg

A Sri Lankan ebony and satinwood-inlaid amboyna-burr document chest with brass mounts

Kinderstoel ebben copy.jpg

An extremely rare, possibly unique Sri Lankan ebony child's chair