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The Collection

Zebregs&Röell presents you Fine Art and Antiques from far away shores. However, we sell stories, not fairytales. The objects can be called colonial, and present you the sheer beauty of cultural influence, but also serve as important historical sources. Every object from the collection is unrivalled in splendour, but also in the story it tells.


The collection is curated by well-known and respected dealer Guus Röell (76) and Dickie Zebregs (29). Guus started collecting art from and specialized himself in the colonial world-history for the last 25 years. Dickie graduated in Dutch-colonial art and antiques and started collecting fine and antique Victorian taxidermy ten years ago. Together, they present you a collection of artefacts of museum-quality.


And of museum-quality the collection is, for they are proud to have the Rijksmuseum, the Metropolitan, the Louvre, the Asian Civilisations Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, National Palace Museum Taipei and many other important museums amongst their clientele. The research done by Zebregs&Röell is extensive and of importance to the world history. Their catalogues can be found in many libraries across the world.

The Collection
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