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Tayu figuur (Tayu figure)

Signed and dated Japan '31 lower right
Titled on the reverse


Pastel on paper, 88 x 43 cm


On the back a label reading “Tayu figuur”. Tayu means Courtesan of the highest rank. Willem Dooijewaard was truly a traveller- artist. He visited Indonesia for the first time in 1913, working for six years as an employee on a plantation in Sumatra and finding enough time to produce many drawings in a realistic style.

His next trip brought him to Bali where he met Roland Strasser, an Austrian traveller-artist. His style changed under the influence

of Strasser, becoming much more vigorous. Often together with Strasser Dooijewaard made many travels, such as to Mongolia, Japan and North Africa. When inspired by totally different cultures Dooijewaard produced his best work.

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