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Carte des Isles du Japon, esquelles est remarqué, la Route tant par Mer que par Terre que tiennient les Hollandios pour se transporter de la Ville de Nangasaqui a I'edo demeure du Roy de ses marmes isles
Paris 1679, by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689)

from “Recüeil des plusieurs. Relations et Traitez singuliers et curieux de J.B.Tavernier”

Copperplate engraving on paper, 51.5 x 76.5 cm



Although he himself only came as far as China on his travels, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a merchant of precious stones, included a description of Japan in his travel book, which appeared in several editions in French, English and German. Apparently he could count on a special interest in Japan on the part of the public. For sources,

he had at his disposal the information he had collected in the Dutch East Indies, especially Batavia.
A nice addition to his map is the route the Dutch had to take on their yearly trip to Edo to pay their respect to the Shogun. On their way the Dutch came past Ocasaqui (Okazaki) where according to Tavernier “c’est ou sont les plus belles femmes du païs” (this is where the prettiest girls of the country live).

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