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A Sri Lankan ebony and cane ‘Easy chair’ or 'planter's chair'

Galle, mid-19th century

H. 101 x W. 61 x D. 78.5 cm
H. 38.5 cm (seat height)

Ebony furniture produced in the Galle District in the first half of the 19th century was very popular with British high officials and planters in Sri Lanka. Several chairs of this form are known, with slight variations in the elaborate and ornate carvings of the top rails, front rails, armrests, and legs (see Uit Verre Streken, November 2006, no. 28 & 29; November 2009, no. 39; June 2010, no. 28; March 2013, no. 53; and November 2015, no. 19, for other examples).

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