paar Sri Lanka stoelen.jpg

A pair of Sri Lankan satinwood and cane high-back chairs


Galle, mid 18th century


H. 102 x W. 54.5 x D. 48.5 cm
Seat height 45.5 cm

H. 100 x W. 53 x D. 48 cm
Seat height 45 cm


A watercolour by Carl Frederik Reimer (circa 1740-1796) of the reception of the envoys of the king of Kandy by Governor Imam Willem Falck in the Great Reception Hall of the Governors Palace in Colombo in 1772 (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, RP-T-1904-18), shows a long row of this type of chair. Similar chairs can also still be found in the Wolvendaal Church in Colombo today.

paar Sri Lanka stoelen detail 2.jpg
paar Sri Lanka stoelen 2.jpg