• Dickie Zebregs

Nagasaki-e and Yokohama-e: Foreigners in Print

Nagasaki-e prints were made starting from 1720, until the end of Sakoku, the isolation policy of Japan, which also marked the end of the Edo period. The Nagasaki-e print is a genre within the Ukiyo-e, woodblock prints and were souvenirs on paper, mostly produced and sold in Nagasaki. Earlier images of Portuguese or Dutch are known but weren’t created en masse on an industrial scale. Later, after the end of Japanese isolation, the focal point of printing became the mundane port-city Yokohama, resulting in Yokohama-e prints. We have an extensive collection of Ukiyo-e, Nagasaki-e and Yokohama-e prints for sale. In this EXPLAINED, we focus on the depicting of foreigners in Japanese woodblock print art.