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Piers Secunda (b. 1976)
‘Painting of a Wuhan Mountain’

Sculpted industrial floor paint, H. 144 x W. 68 x D. 44 cm

Piers Secunda has been making objects out of commercial floor paint for 25 years, rejecting the limitations of ‘painting’ imposed by the canvas. In the tradition of his studio practice the present Wuhan Mountain is made of commercial floor paint; hence the title ‘Painting of a Wuhan Mountain’.

On a journey to China he was inspired by the fine ivory carvings produced in Canton, but also by the Wuhan landscape and its famous mountain temples. Scholars from the earliest Chinese dynasties walked through the landscape, and when they came home, they painted the landscapes from their minds. This resulted in dreamy compositions with misty mountains and mysterious temples. Piers did just the same, but with an industrial floor paint, sculptural techniques and on a monumental scale.

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