A Papua wood figure of a Korwar

Early 20th century


From the collection of a missionary, working in the Geelvink Bay area, on the peninsula of Roon, from 1906 till 1938, thence by descent

A New-Guinea bark-cloth dance apron

An 18th century Fijian throwing club or Ula


A Collection of Oceanian fish-hooks

19th-20th century

A 19th century Maori pa kawahai fishing lure



Korwar 2_02.jpg

A Solomon Islands club

19th century

A Maori Tewhatewha club

1st half 19th century


An extremely rare Papua wood sculpture of a Korwar

Early 19th century


A fine Jelutong wood Dayak Kliau or shield


Indonesia, Borneo, Kalimantan, 1st half 19th century

Tapa copy.jpg

A Tapa Tree Bark Cloth

Oceania, Samoa, before 1970