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A set of four extremely rare and important pictorial-style Japanese export lacquer bottles

Edo-period, circa 1650-1680

H. 15.5 x W. 6.9 x B. 7.6 cm (each)

The bottles with red copper (possibly once silvered) lids that screw onto short metal necks, have very high-quality decorations in hiramaki-e, takamaki-e and taka-zogan of rocky landscapes with trees and birds, alternating with various plants, at the angles of the body a cash pattern decoration and the shoulders decorated with four formal patterns.

The shape of the bottles is derived from Dutch glass or Delftware bottles, and probably were originally part of a set of six bottles, perhaps together with the two identical bottles in the Braunschweig Collection ( Chi 716). Usually, six bottles were fitted into a box or kelderken.

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