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Miniature Japanese Norimono Lacquer Edo Period_edited.jpg

A rare Japanese miniature model of a palanquin, norimono

Edo period, late 18th century


The fully equipped and working palanquin in black lacquer ground decorated in gold hiramaki-e, metal and tissue.

H.23 x W. 25.8 x D. 18.6 cm
L. 68 cm (yoke)


A similar model of a Japanese norimono sent by Blomhoff to the Netherlands for Het Koninklijk Kabinet van Zeldzaamheden, the Royal Cabinet of Curiosities, now is in the collection of the Museum of World Cultures in Leiden. Another one, collected by Franz von Siebold, is in the Museum für Völkerkunde Vienna (inv. 33267), and a miniature model, inventoried in 1690 in the Royal Danish Kunstkammer, now is in the National Museum of Denmark (inv. Eac 140).

In Japan, these models were also presented during the yearly Hinamatsuri, the doll’s festival on the third of March, as the vehicle for the doll of the Emperor’s spouse.

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