Jeune fille Bakura m'Fruja

Signed M.Lefebvre lower right

Titled and dated Jeune fille Bakura m'Fruja, Madeleine Lefebvre, 1946 on a sticker on the stretcher

Oil on canvas, 40.5 x 50.5 cm

Djinga is a town situated in Kasai Oriental/Central Congo.
The portrait surely is done by a professional painter but strangely enough nothing is known about the artist Madeleine Lefebvre, except that she certainly wasn’t the only female artist working in the Congo. Some others were: Edith Dasnoy, Renée Bruyère-Blondiau, Marie de Paepe, Germaine Ide, Marie-Louise Stradiot-Bougnet, Suzanne van Damme, Isa Janssens, Erna Vamos, Madeleine-Christine Forani, Francine Somers and Marthe Guillain.