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Do you wish to sell your taxidermy?

We are always looking for new items to add to our collection! From Victorian pieces and rare animals to pieces that don't seem to be very valuable to you.

We buy entire collections, from schools, museums or private collectors, but also single pieces. We will take a look at your antique pieces, new taxidermy, splendid bird of paradise or ordinary rock dove. And if it is not for us, we will gladly give you an estimated value and advise you with the best way to sell.


Please contact us with a price, photos and all information possible, through email ( or text/whatsapp (+31620743671).

And then?
We will gladly receive your item through mail, but can also have it picked up with a transporter if sending is difficult or the item is very fragile!

Zebregs&Röell highly values the natural world, and therefore only trades in ivory, antique specimens or animals that died of natural cause. We hope that these might spark a bit of love for the natural world. We value the pieces that are already there, hunted and made in a time the human race thought mother nature was inexhaustible, we are against hunting for pleasure or for new taxidermy. We only deal in objects according to (inter)national nature preservation laws like CITES.

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