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Indonesia, Jakarta (Batavia), circa 1736, marked Batavia, maker's mark BI, Barend Jacobz (act. 1710-1746)


The border with tulips and foliate motif, of lobed shape, the reverse engraved “Ter Gedagtenis Van Den Edelen Agtbaren Heere Mr. Rijkloff Duijvensz Commandeur Van Javas Noord Oost Cust Overleden Den 24 December Ao 1736- Oud 38 Jaeren 6 Maenden En 6 Dagen”

Diam. 39.4 cm
Weight 809 grams

Note:Nothing is known about Barent Jacobsz except that he is mentioned as “silversmit” in 1710. The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag has five pieces with his makers mark, the last dated one a salver given by Daniel Wannemaker, secretary of the Council of Justice, to the Lutheran church in Batavia in 1746.

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