A fine Japanese export black and gold lacquered Pictorial-style dish

Nagasaki or Kyoto, 1680-1720


The dish with wide flat rim of Keaki wood (Zelkova species) in black lacquer with decoration in hiramaki-e and takamaki-e, the rim decorated with raised lacquer flowers in gold, red and silver, in the well a cockerel and hen. Restored and added underneath a wooden, black painted ring in order to fix the dish to a standard.

Diam. 36.4 cm

The form of this dish probably derives from a European pewter dish. Initially, lacquerware was ordered by the VOC, but already in the mid-17th century much was privately ordered and after the mid-18th century the VOC stopped altogether ordering lacquerware, while the private trade went on. A similar dish, in the collection of
the Palazzo Pitti, Florence (inv. MPP 1911-17138), is illustrated in Japanese Export Lacquer 1580-1850, Olivier Impey & Christiaan Jörg, Amsterdam 2005, ill. 425.