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Another direct blow to British culture and world heritage

in private circulation in the UK.


Because governments ignore climate change, marine mammals are on the verge of extinction. Instead of acting, the UK is now banning antique ivory from all other species, in addition to elephant ivory.

This means in no way ivory or objects containing ivory of any animal species can be sold within the United Kingdom. 


You only have a few months left to get it out of the country legally, so contact us now.
We will take care of your works of art, from legal export fromthe UK to legal import into the EU.

How does it work?

Your precious objects need to be safe as soon as possible, so take action now.
We will follow the below steps, to make sure everything is transparent and goes by the book. We will never do anything illegal by UK or EU/Dutch law. 

1. Objects

Send us photos of the objects by WhatsApp or iMessage (+31620743671) or email ( and we will take a look as soon as possible, after which we will discuss the possibilities of consignment or purchase with you. 

The new species that will be targeted by the Ivory ban are Marine Mammals (Walrus, Narwhal, Sperm Whale, etc.) and Mammals (Hippopotamus, Warthog, etc.).

Antique objects
(Inter)national law states that the object needs to date from before 1947 and is worked so it is identifiable as antique by a specialist.

Unworked objects
Unworked teeth, tusks or other objects (again from all species other than the elephant) can possibly be legally traded, but they need a local A10 document. This can be acquired with a strong provenance but this needs to be assessed per object. We can apply for an A10 document for you.

Please note we cannot and will not assess, buy or take on consignment any (antique) Elephant ivory. It is forbidden under UK law to sell (antique) Elephant ivory. The EU also prohibits the import or export of Elephant ivory.

CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is the oldest international treaty to protect endangered animals against illegal trade. For objects to exit the UK and enter the EU, respectively an export and import CITES document is required. 

3. Export
Our associate in the UK can apply for a CITES export or an A10 permit in your name. All we need is a power of attorney where you authorize us to do so.

4. Import
We will apply for a CITES import permit in the EU/Netherlands.
We can only apply for one with a UK export permit.

5. Transport
We will make use of the services of Kortmann Art Handling services or Pack and Send Reading, who have direct lines with UK and EU customs so the objects will be properly exported and imported. 

There are only a few months left before the Ivory ban so act quickly. We need to start the application for your object(s) as soon as possible to make sure they are safe and in good hands.

Contact us now:


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