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An Indonesian Djati display cabinet


Chinese furniture-makers working in Batavia, late 18th century, dated 1799

H. 201.5 x W. 120 x D. 53.5 cm

In the middle of the pierced worked cresting an openwork removable roundel hiding a text in Arab scripture reading: Allah la | ilaha illahi | four vertical stripes = 99 (God, there is no god but Him, 99). This is a slightly deviant reading of the first part of the Muslim confession of faith (there is no God but Him). Under the crest, two glazed doors over two drawers. The front left and right, the drawers and the apron with carvings of continuous leaf vines, standing on cabriole leg, the right side of the cabinet has a brand mark of Chinese characters.


We are grateful to Willem van der Molen for his translation of the Arabic text.

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