Indonesian Archipelago

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Sirihbladhouder zilver 2.jpg

A fine silver Sumatran Betel-leaf holder

A 17th century Indonesian Sono Keling Cabinet on Stand

Four 18th dentury drawings in ink and brown watercolour of people in the former Dutch East Indies

Probably there is no country more diverse than Indonesia. The vast number of islands, each with its language and way of life give the nation, together with its position amidst important trade routes, a unique blend of style and culture. Starting with the polytheistic Hinduist belief in the early ages, to the beauty of Islam and the blend with Western culture, due to the Dutch colonization. Indonesia gives the world the most beautiful sculptures, carvings and paintings. Artefacts from this country are truly to be amazed  by.

A teak Indonesian miniature bureau

A late 19th/early 20th century Indonesian brass and copper large miniature Mosque

Auke Sonnega (1910-1963)
Sumatra Sawah Landscape

Palembang lak bord.jpg

Two Palembang Peranakan lacquer bridal boxes and a tray

Kist goud beslag 2.jpeg

The highly important and unique ebony and pen-engraved ivory-inlaid

teak marriage cabinet of Governor-General

Diederik Durven (1676-1740) of the former Dutch East-Indies
Sri Lanka or Batavia, circa 1724

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A pair of Balinese diamond and silver ear-plugs

A fine high-relief and possibly unique carved ebony document box

A collection of Indonesian gold rings
Hindu-Javanese 8th-10th century, Bali Priest's rings 19th century

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Kadaster kist 2.jpg

An Indonesian gilt-silver, gold filigree and diamond chest ornament, Kaloeng tangallan

A delicate Indonesian silver bracelet in the form of a Naga

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A rare Indonesian silver ‘Kwab’
bowl and cover

An important commemorating Indonesian carved Sawo wood box containing a luxurious photo album

An Indonesian Sono keeling or Javanese rosewood foliate cabinet on stand or Rankenkast

An Indonesian Yogya-silver plate

A silver Indonesian Peranakan plate


A fine Balinese Suarwood (Albizia saman) sculpture depicting a scene from the Ramayana

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An Indonesian Islamic Djati display cabinet

Willem Jan Pieter van der Does (1889-1966)

'Kali in old Surabaya'

Wijnand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp (1874-1950) Another eights works from the estate of the artist

An Indonesian silver commemorative salver, 'Gedachtenisbord',  commemorating Hermanus Stellingswerff (1737-1768)

A large Indonesian enamelled silver filigree basket and cover


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Kartodikromo 2.jpg

European artist, (early 20th century)
Two study portraits of Mas Marco Kartodikromo (1890-1932)

Two Keris panjang, “long keris” or “execution keris”


A pair of Javanese Hindu-Buddhist style bracelets


Three gold betelnut chewing containers, probably for lime (klopok)

A collection of Indonesian gold jewellery


A Dutch-Colonial silver filigree casket


A pair of Indonesian torchères or candle stands


Verhuell Tanjong.jpg

Quirijn Maurits Rudolph VerHuell (1787-1860)
Tandjong East and Tandjong West, near Batavia 1819

Port Vlaardingen Verheull.jpg

Quirijn Maurits Rudolph VerHuell (1787-1860)

Stad Vlaardingen, Macassar, September 1816

Reede van Atjeh.jpg

A rare Balinese polychrome wood statue of Twalen

Late 19th/early 20th century


A collection of thirteen ink and chalk drawings by Johan Gerard Sinia (1875-1948)

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Sinia 3.jpg
Sinia 4.jpg
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Sinia 7.jpg
Sinia 6.jpg
Sinia 8.jpg
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Sinia 13.jpg
Sinia 12.jpg

C.A. Whitton (19th century)
'De Reede van Groot Atjeh' (Roadstead of Greater Atjeh)

Kali Bezar.jpg

An extremely rare Dodot pinarada mas or “royal ceremonial skirt cloth”. Yogyakarta, circa 1910


Kismono (Indonesian, 19th/20th century)
'The Kali Bezar in Jakarta (Batavia), 1929' 


Theo Meier.jpg

Theo Meier (1908-1982)

'Balinese Woman with Offering'


An important collection of drawings by W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp (1874-1950)


From the estate of family of the artist





An important Indonesian carved ebony and ebonized cabinet on stand
17th century


An Indonesian carved ebony box with drawer and brass mounts
Former collection Jan Habbema (1885-1940)


Ambons wortel doosje.jpg

A fine Indonesian Ambonya burl, ebony and teak casket with silver mounts


Bonnet mepeed copy.jpg

Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978)
'Mepèèd' (1943)


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v Heemskerk.jpg

An Indonesian Javanese rosewood (sono keeling) four chair-back settee


A small Indonesian Nedun wood and Ambonya table



A highly important large Indonesian Red sandalwood (pterocarpus santalinus) display cabinet


A large Indonesian amboyna and ebony portable writing desk with brass mounts


Jacob Eduard van Heemskerck van Beest (1828-1894)


“Avondgebed; Maleidische tripang visschers onder de hoge kust van Celebes” (Evening prayers by Malay fishermen under the high coast of Celebes)


Kris copy.jpg
Batavia rankenkast.jpg

A pair of silver oval trays engraved PB IV, Soerakarta (Paku Buwono IV)



ivoren doosje.jpg

An important Indonesian ivory sirih or jewellery box with gold mounts


zilveren bord.jpg
two side chairs.jpg

A pair of Indonesian hardwood side chairs


A Indonesian silver commemorative 'Schenkpiring' salver


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molukse duif.jpg

Unknown Dutch Artist

Javanese Villa, Buitenzorg Java (1889)


A fine Indonesian ebony low chair


An Indonesian ivory keris hilt​



Ernst Agerbeek (1903-1945)
'Chinese man eating rice, in a room with tea pot and opium set'


An extremely rare Indonesian ambonya, padouk, meranti and djati wood cabinet on stand

Anonymous Dutch painter
Pigeon from the Moluccas (1730)


A ceremonial walking cane from the property of Susuhunan Pakubuwono X


A rare keris, dated 1858, with the initials of Pakubuwono X



An Indonesian silver commemorative salver, “Gedachtenis piring” 



Hadrianus Relanus (Adriaan Reland, 1676-1718)


The island Java with an insert of the harbour, fort and town of Batavia; Insulae Iavae pars occidentalis edente Hadriano Relando. T’ Amsterdam by Gerard van Keulen aan de Nieuwe brug met privilegie.


An Indonesian hinged spherical gold filigree container for a “Pedro de Porco” (pig’s stomach stone)



sept13_39 copy.jpg

Willem Imandt (1882-1967)

The Merapi and Meraboe vulcanos, central Java as seen from Willem Imandt’s villa at Moentilan, circa 1922

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Abraham Salm (1801-1876)

“De waterval Baón tusschen Passaroean en Lawang”


A fine small Indonesian, possibly Ambonese, djati wood bench

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Two Indonesian red and green lacquered djati wood 'Anak Mas' (favourite child) chairs

Property from the collection of Mr. Jan Veenendaal

tafel ebben en marmer.jpg

An Indonesian ebony centre table with marble top


Frans Lebret (1820-1909)
Water buffalo


Abraham Johannes Romswinckel (1810-1856)
Selfportrait in Indonesian landscape


Theo Meier (1908-1982)

View from the village of Iseh, painted from the house of Theo

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Zilveren plooischotel.jpg

An unusual Indonesian lobbed silver dish

Menno Simon Jacobus van Meeteren Brouwer (1882-1974)

Seated Javanese couple

Legrain 2 copy.jpg
Legrain copy.jpg

Charles Legrain (19th century)
Two Javanese landscapes

A Moluccan red ebony center table with marble top

An Indonesian Teak wood round-back chair

August van Pers.jpg

Auguste van Pers (1815-1871)
'Gezigt op de Pangerango genomen bij de Passangrahan Bodjong Ketong'


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An Indonesian rosewood or paduk wood round-back chair


Menno Simon Jacobus van Meeteren Brouwer (1882-1974)
Tahitian dancer 

Ernst Agerbeek (1903-1945)
'Dayak girl performing the Hornbill dance'


Hugo Vildfred Pedersen (1870-1959)
Klingaleesche Studiekop (Klingalese study head)



An exceptional pair of Baroque Indonesian Djati wood chairs


twee Marot stoelen.jpg

An exceptionally large Indonesian kialiatur and teak wood two-part bench



Filigrain Brandt copy.jpg
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A rare Indonesian mother-of-pearl inlaid ebony sirih box with silver mounts



An Indonesian silver filigree casket with Amsterdam silver tea caddies


T Daniell copy.jpg

Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)

Watering Place Anger Point Straights of Sunda


Fort Vicroria copy.jpg

Attributed to Quirijn Maurits Rudolph Ver Huell (1787-1860)

Gezicht van het fort Victoria, gelegen aan de baaij van het eiland Amboina, gouvernement der Moluksche eilanden 1818


Piering Rijkloff copy.jpg

A large Indonesian teak VOC chest with brass mounts



An Indonesian commemorative salver “Gedachtenis-piring”

An Indonesian satinwood Louis-XV armchair

Bonnet studie copy.jpg

Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978)
'Portrait of a Balinese girl'


A Indonesian satinwood and cane 'Burgomaster' chair

Late 17th/early 18th century