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Ebben armstoel.jpg



Coromandel coast, 1680-1700

Throughout carved with floral and vine motifs, the back rail with a central peony and two bulbous finials, with cane seating.


H. 81 x W. 61 x D. 56 cm
Seat height 30.5 cm


Carving on the front as well as on the back is rather unusual and indicates that the chair was not intended to be placed against a wall. Ebony furniture with bold half-relief carving of flowers was made in Batavia, Sri Lanka and in India. However, a number of stylistic features (see: Jan Veenendaal, Furniture from Indonesia, Sri Lank and India during the Dutch period, 1985, page 21- 26), a carved letter on the inside of the seat rail which apparently originates from an Indian script and the fact that this armchair turned up in England all make it likely that this chair is a “Custstoel”, a chair from the Coromandel Coast.

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