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Klosterarbeiten 02.jpg
Klosterarbeiten 01.jpg

Two exceptional folk-art pictures (of a series of twelve), depicting signs of the Zodiac

South Germany or Tirol, 18th century

Various textiles and fibres applied to painted paper, 9.7 x 13.5 cm (including frame: 20 x 25 cm)

Under the sign of ‘Virgo’, August 23 - September 23, associated with the planet Mercury and the element earth, country folk are shown harvesting grain. To the right an Indigenous American figure shows some products of the season.

Under the sign of ‘Libra’ (The Scales), September 23 - October 23, associated with the planet Venus and the element air, elegant love-couples are shown in an enclosed garden with a fountain, some offering sweet fruits. To the left an 'Oriental' or Islamic figure is displaying sweet, ripe fruits of the season.

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