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A fine Balinese Suarwood (Albizia saman) sculpture depicting a scene from the Ramayana


Gianyar, 1970-1980

H. 48.5 cm

The sculpture depicts a scene from the Ramayana. While flying to Alengka (Sri Lanka) to inform Sita, the kidnapped wife of Rama, that her husband is coming to save her,  Hanoman, the white monkey is hit by an arrow from the magical weapon Nagapasa that turns into a naga dragon. Hanoman wrestles and finally defeats the naga. The Nagapasa weapon is owned by Indrajit, the son of the evil sorcerer-king Rawana, who kidnapped Sita.
The polished baroque style carving belongs to the greater Mas School which extends south to Guwang and up towards the Gianyar highlands, became very popular in the 1980s.

We are grateful to Bruce Carpenter for his assistance in writing this catalogue entry.

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