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Fiji Totokia War Club, 18th century or earlier

A Polynesian hardwood Totokia, war club or battle hammer 

Fiji, probably 18th century 

H. 83 cm

Private collection, France


This particular club has a deep beautiful brown patina and is of eye-pleasing proportions.

Polynesian culture is traditionally a culture of power and prestige, and there was a fine line between battle and ceremony. Warrior people par excellence, the Fijians had at their disposal a large panoply of weapons, each for a specific use.

The curve in the Totokia club, used for obvious reasons, is made by carving into a living branch and bending it, closing the gaps, which will grow together again over the years. Weapons carried by the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine in George Lucas' Star Wars were inspired by the Totokia.

We are grateful to our dear friend Mr. Peter van Drumpt for his

assistance with this text.

Fiji Totokia War Club, 18th century or earlier
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