Europe and the Americas

Perhaps the largest melting pot of the world, Europe, provided the world with the most distinguished arts in world history. Exploring Earth and it's seas starting from the 14th and 15th centuries, the Europeans left their marks on all continents, bringing havoc wherever they went. On the other side, Europeans brought their own arts and culture, which often resulted in an aesthetically beautiful combination of styles. If one watches arts and antiques from all over the world, art historically, without the horrors of colonialism in a social-cultural aspect, Europe has connected the world and brought it a beautiful blend of European art and art from all over the world. We offer you, next to objects that are 'just beautiful', pieces that are of great historical significance that show the past should often not repeat itself.

The Americas were discovered in 1462 by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish rapidly conquested the southern part of the continent. In their urge for gold and silver, the indigenous people were quickly extorted on purpose or by disease, often simple like the flu. Many Europeans settled on the continent that rapidly changed, and they took enslaved people from all over the world with them. However historically gruesome, pure art historically it resulted in a unique blend of culture that can still be appreciated nowadays.



A Newly Discovered Pinnacle by
the Master of Marquetry

Schouten met lijst.jpg

The Tangible Cradle of the United States

An early diorama by Gerrit Carl François Schouten (1779-1839), depicting a Carib Indigenous camp

Barnize de Pasto.jpg

An important Spanish colonial Barniz de pasto lacquer casket with the Jesuit IHS monogram and silver mounts
Colombia, 1625-1650

Anneken Jans 01 klein.jpg

A shisham wood (Dalbergia sissoo) and American walnut (Juglans nigra) coffer with iron and brass mounts, previously owned by settler Anneken Jans Bogardius (1604/1605-1663)


An exceptional Dutch lacquered cabinet on stand with chinoiserie decoration
Holland, late 17th century


Notenhouten documentenkist open 2.jpg

A Dutch walnut writing box with brass mounts

Klosterarbeiten 02.jpg
Klosterarbeiten 01.jpg

Two exceptional folk-art pictures (of a series of twelve), depicting signs of the Zodiac

kaart Azie le Dauphin.jpg

A large wall map of Asia by Nicolas de Fer (1647-1720)

Nederlands Brazilie.jpg
Boston Meubel a.jpg


A joined enclosed American walnut, white oak, pine, beech, maple, krappa (crabwood), and letterwood Boston chest of drawers with a lidded top

Ipswich/Boston, Massachusetts, 1650-1670

Brasilia Montanis 01.jpg

A large wall map, Brasilia qua parte paret Belgis
Composing of nine, hand-coloured engravings and two additional strips available as loose supplements in the back of the reissue of Barlaeus’ book, translated in Dutch after the original Latin issue of 1647, by Martinus Nijhoff, ‘s Gravenhage 1923, in 160 copies. Included a copy (number 78) of the 1923 Dutch edition by Martinus Nijhoff of the Barlaeus book.

A map of Brazil by Johannes Blaeu (1596-1673)
Brasilia, Generis nobilitate armorium et litterarum. Scientia prestant. mo Heroi. CHRISTOPH: AB ARTISCHAV ARCISZEWSKI. nuper in Brasilia per triennium Tribuno militum Prudentiss. Fortiss. Feliciss. tabulum hanc prono cultu D.D.D. Johannes Blaeu. Excudedat Johannes Blaeu.


Charles Frederick de Brocktorff (1775-1850)

‘Camelopard - a present from the Pacha of Egypt to the King - at Malta on its way to England’


Signed and dated C.F. de Brocktorff. / 1827. lower right, inscribed as titled in the painted margins lower centre.

Pencil and watercolour heightened with gold paint and gum arabic on paper, 36.8 x 27.9 cm


Tafel vrede Engeland Amerika 01.jpg

A very interesting centre table commemorating the Paris Treaty between the original thirteen states of the United States of America and Great Britain ending the American Revolution or War of Independence in 1783

Zeeuwse en Amsterdamse zilverbaren.jpg

A collection of seven VOC silver ingots


A bronze seal owned by New World settler Andries de Vos (Beverwijk 1599 - Albany 1675)


Two rare large Jamaican engraved tortoiseshell combs

Port Royal, c. 1673-1692, attributed to Paul Bennett


Wapenboek 01.jpg
Wapenboek 05.jpg
Wapenboek 02.jpg

Jacques de Gheyn II (1565-1629)                                           

“Maniement d’Armes, d’Arquebuses, Mousquets, et Piques. En conformité de l’ordre de Monseigneur le Prince Maurice, Prince d’Orange, Comte de Nassau etc. Gouverneur et Capitain General de Geldres, Hollande, Zeelande, Utrecht, Overijssel etc.” Amsterdam, Robert de Baudous, 1608.


Follower of Zacharias Wagener (1614-1688)

Tamanuâguasû (Giant Anteater)


VOC boeken.jpg

A blanco WIC Almanac and a VOC religious instruction booklet for sailors


Zeeman Indisch pakhuis zonder lijst.jpg

Reinier Nooms, called ‘Zeeman’ (1623/4-1667)
View of the Amsterdam Harbour with the West-Indian Warehouse and the Pepper Wharf on the Rapenburg Island, circa 1654


Globe Doppelmayer 01.jpg
amerikaans diorama.jpg

An exceptionally rare Surinam Amsterdam long-case clock


Kabinet 01.jpg

An important and possibly unique Dutch polychrome lacquered Chinoiserie cabinet on stand

A pair of Chinese export porcelain plates with the Luls family coat-of-arms


Jacob van Campen (1596-1657)
‘Ver Sacrum’ (design for a decoration program, possibly the Mauritshuis)


Jan de Baen (1633-1702)
Portrait of Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen, the ‘Brazilian’


Jan de baen.jpg

A rare Dutch Caribbean silver water-scoop


Unique diorama depicting a North American river-scene


A rare and fine terrestrial table-globe by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1671-1750)


Brabands Vryheyd.jpg
2x Vien.jpg

Joseph-Marie Vien (1716-1809)

‘Ambassadeur de Siam’ and ‘La Sultana Reine’

A rare pair of Dutch decorated Chinese porcelain ’Brabands Vryheyd’ cup- and-saucers

Small Dutch oak folding church chair, kerkstoeltje, with velvet upholstery



Attributed to Aloys Zötl (1803-1887)
Drawing of a White Gibbon



jongh L hond.jpg

Attributed to Ludolf de Jongh (1616-1679)
Study of a dog

Sara Lewes.jpg

An extremely rare “Gedachtenislepel en Vork”, Commemorative Spoon and Fork

Silver apparently unmarked, Dutch colonial, New-Amsterdam (New York), circa 1672


A set of ten Ottoman Turkish fruit-sorbet spoons


A rare silver reliquary arm with relic bone, with the coat-of-arms of Cosme Roger (1671-1710), bisschop of Lombez, France

Possibly Southern-Italy or Napoli, 17th century


Arita fles lowestof .jpg
Arita Adam gedecoreerd.jpg

Two fine Japanese Arita Amsterdam decorated or 'clobbered' bottles


verentooi 1.jpg
verentooi 2.jpg

A Kayapó small feather headdress, àkkàkry-re

1st half 20th century



A Kayapó-Xikrin tribe long hoop headdress, àkkàti

1st half 20th century



A Juruna tribe feather headdress

1st half 20th century



A Tapirapé upé (enemy warrior) mask

1st half 20th century



François Mathurin Adalbert, Baron de Courcy (1805-1839)

Le Negrito à l’ancre. Dans le port de la havanne


Top Aski 2.jpg
fles Tromp.jpg

An Ottoman decorative pendant, Top Aski



A large Dutch painted wine bottle



Wandkaart Azie .jpg
Wandkaart Afrika.jpg

A highly important hand-coloured engraved wall map of Asia by Nicolas de Fer (Paris 1647-1720)


boek Malabar.jpg

Philippus Baldaeus (1632 – 1671)

Naauwkeurige Beschryvinge van Malabar en Coromandel...
(Detailed descriptions of Malabar and the Coromandel coast..)

























































A highly important hand-coloured engraved wall map of Africa by Nicolas de Fer (Paris 1647-1720)


boek Malabar 2.jpg

A carved and painted wood 'Turkomania' sculpture of an Ottoman soldier


Haven van Curacao.jpg
Haven van Curacao 2.jpg

Two hand-coloured engravings depicting the harbour of Curaçao


Dirk Antoon Josephus Franciscus Teupken (1828-1859) Maria Susanna Hendrika off the coast of Texel, 1844

Black and Moor 2.jpg

Hubert von Zwickle (1875-1947)



zilver staven Amsterdam VOC.jpg
Beeld Amor ivoor a.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2019-02-14 om 15.02.05.

A French sculpture of an African female figure


An ivory figure of an African Amor


A strong box (coffre fort) or 'captains chest'


Two 'V.O.C. Amsterdam' silver ingots


Darwin aap.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2019-02-22 om 15.54.09.

A rare French colonial sculpture of a couple from the French West Indies, drinking rum and chocolate


Wolfgang Hugo Rheinhold (1853-1900)
Eritis sicut Deus


Beeld neger.jpg

Artur Kaan (1867-1940)



John Gabriel Stedman (1744-1797)
Narrative of a five year expedition against the revolted Negroes of Surinam in Guiana on the Wild Coast of South America from the year 1772 to 1777, elucidating the history of the country and describing its productions, Viz. Quadrupedes, birds, fish, reptiles, tree, shrubs, fruits & roots with an account of Indians of Guiana and the negroes of Guinea, by Captain J.G. Stedman, illustrated with 80 elegant engravings from drawings made by the author.



Follower of Gerrit Schouten (second half 19th century)
Diorama depicting a camp of  the Caribbean Indigenous 


Hendrik Schouten copy.jpg

Hendrik Samuel Schouten (1785-1840)

A unique diorama depicting Carib Indigenous at the river side


sea sculpture.jpg
Globes copy.jpg

A Dutch tortoiseshell box with two engraved silver plaques

van Goens.jpg

Attributed to or follower of Jürgen Ovens (1623-1678)

Portrait of Rijcklof van Goens (1619-1682), in 1656, 37 years of age


Three Dutch V.O.C. silver ingots, salvaged from the wreck of the 'Bredenhof', grown together by coral


A pair of desk globes by J. Cary


Lubbienitski_2 copy.jpg
Lubbienitski copy.jpg

Christoffel Lubienitski (1659-1729)
Pair of portraits of a gentleman and a lady, both in silk kimono, before a country house (circa 1680)


An ebony veneered walnut and oak strong box (coffre fort) or 'captain's chest with brass mounts


Kaap glas 2 copy.jpg

A glass with an engraving of an East Indiaman and with text HET WEL VAAREN VAN DE OOSTINDISCHE COMPAGNIE


Glas OIC.jpg

A glass with an engraving of an East Indiaman and with text HET OOSTINDISCHE COMPAGNIES WEL VAREN


Batavia glas copy.jpg

A glass with the engraving of an Indiaman and text “WELLE KOM OP BATAVIA”


Batavia glas copy.jpg

A glass with the engraving of a countryside with farmers, herdsmen and an East Indiaman in the background and with text




Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman (c. 1623-1667)
Four VOC three-masters at anchor in front of a fortress


Peruaans zilver copy.jpg

An important Peruvian silver plaque with hammered decoration of “The wedding of Martin de Lollora and Beatris Koya”


Emmerik copy.jpg


View on the Governor’s Palace in Paramaribo, Surinam