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Europe and the Americas

van Mekeren 16-02-2023_002-3.jpg

'The William and Mary Cabinet.'

A magnificent Dutch marquetry cabinet on stand, by Jan van Mekeren (1658-1733), possibly made for William III and Mary of England
Amsterdam, circa 1687


'Portrait of Henri Christophe, King Henri I of Haiti'

Giraffe Painting the Kings Camelopard La belle Africaine Zarafa

Charles Frederick de Brocktorff (1775-1850)

‘Camelopard - a present from the Pacha of Egypt to the King - at Malta on its way to England’

A fine ebony and pen-engraved mother-of-pearl and lacquer inlaid baleen collector’s cabinet by or attributed to Herman Doomer (1595-1650) and Jean Bellekin (c. 1597 - 1636)
Northern Netherlands, probably Amsterdam, circa 1630- 1635

A superb bejewelled gem-set repoussé silver

Ottoman miquelet flintlock rifle

Ottoman Empire, Turkey, 19th century

An Ottoman nephrite hilted bejewelled Ottoman hançer
Ottoman Empire, Turkey, 19th century


A sailor’s polished Giant Amazon Arrau River Turtle (Pdocnemis expansa) shell

England, 19th century

G-Tak-Liefrinck-Maritiem-VIS copy.jpg

Cornelis Liefrinck (c. 1581-1652)

“Departure of the Pilgrim Fathers from to join the ‘Speedwell’, Delftshaven, July 1620”

Peruaans zilver copy_edited.png
Jamaica 17th century Tortoiseshell Colonial Comb Case and Combs by Paul Bennett