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dutch-colonial-macassar-ebony-chair-for-sale Large.jpeg
dutch-colonial-macassar-ebony-chair-for-sale-back Large.jpeg
dutch-colonial-macassar-ebony-chair-for-sale-detail Large.jpeg

A Dutch-colonial Macassar ebony (Diospyros celebica) armchair

Batavia (Jakarta), circa 1680

H. 89.5 x W. 54.5 x D. 58 cm

Decorated on all sides with bold carvings of flowers, type VI according to Jan Veenendaal’s classification in Wonen op de Kaap en in Batavia, 1602-1795, Zwolle 2002, p. 33. The flowers are a mix between narcissus and columbine, together with pomegranate, as seen on Dutch majolica dishes, which possibly were taken to Asia or after a print like plate 40 in Florilegia by E. Sweerts.

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