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indonesian-dutch-colonial-bureau-cabinet-for-sale Large.jpeg

An exceptional Dutch-colonial Indonesian Javanese rosewood bureau- cabinet with brass mounts
Batavia (Jakarta), late 18th century

H. 225 x W. 113 x D. 63 cm
W. 92 cm (open)

The neat joinery and meticulous finishes evident in this bureau-cabinet indicates the very high standard of carpentry, associated with Chinese craftsmen working in Batavia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. In Batavia, a large Chinese population had provided a myriad of services to the Dutch and Indonesian inhabitants since the 17th century. Mitred joints and delicate carvings are clear indications of a Chinese ‘hand’ in the construction of this cabinet.

indonesian-dutch-colonial-bureau-cabinet-for-sale-open Large.jpeg
indonesian-dutch-colonial-bureau-cabinet-for-sale-detail Large.jpeg
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