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A magnificent Walnut Burr Cabinet on stand or 'kruisvoetkabinet' in the style of Daniel Marot

Circa 1720, probably made for George Clifford III in Amsterdam or the Hague


H. 238 x W. 185 x D. 62 cm

The Clifford Family, the Hague

The cabinet is one of the rarest examples of a so-called Kruisvoetkabinet, which is translated to Cabinet on stand. The cabinet is raised on a stand with eight legs and tree drawers. Below the drawers and on the sides are five carved ornaments. The hollow formed corners are mounted with carved ornaments too. The upper part of the cabinet has two doors decorated with panels and on each door two carved ornaments in Marot style. The cabinet has a double dome top.The interior of the cabinet has tree shelves and five drawers. The brass fittings and handles are original and finished with gilt lacquer.

The cabinet is made of oak and veneered with burr walnut. The carvings, turned parts and the ball feet are made of solid walnut. This cabinet is a unique piece of Dutch furniture. Cabinets on stand became popular in the third quarter of the 17th century and were made until the second quarter of the 18th century. Most of the dutch cabinets on stand have a boxed shape cabinet part and a simple stand. Compared to that this cabinet is unique because of the different overall design and rich carvings The double dome top is a feature that is very rare on Dutch pieces of furniture. Only a few dutch linen cabinets and bureau cabinets are known with a double dome. Daniel Marot was one of the most important architect’s of the early 18th century in the Northern Netherlands. He was a French Hugenot and his father was architect for the French crown. Daniel Marot introduced the Louis XIV style in the Northern Netherlands and is also famous for his 250 engravings with interior designs, furniture and wall hangings. The carved ornaments on this cabinet are made after these engravings and of the best quality imaginable. This cabinet was possibly made for George Clifford III. He was a member of a wealthy and important family of merchants and bankers. He lived in the “Gouden Bocht” at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. In his former home, Herengracht 472 are some carved ornaments preserved which are related to the ornaments on this cabinet.

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