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A-pair-of-Sri-Lankan-coromandel-wood-high-back-chairs Sri-Lanka-mid-18th-century-for-sale.

A pair of Sri Lankan coromandel wood high back chairs 

Sri Lanka, mid 18th century

Each with a scalloped back splat crowned by a shell and rocaille motif, with sculpted seat cane-covered, plain back legs and bent front legs with lion paw feet, the wood of beautiful tone and black-brown marbled. 

H. 102.5 x W. 48.5 x D. 46 cm
Seat height 46.5 cm

Very similar 18th-century coromandel wood chairs are still today in the Wolvendaal Church (Dutch Reformed Church) in Colombo. This model of the Dutch high back chair, after the Anglo-Dutch Queen Anne style, was known in Holland and in Batavia as the English chair, showing how much Dutch and English styles influenced each other in the first half of the 18th century.


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