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A large magnificently serene Chinese gilt-bronze sculpture of Guanyin
Ming-dynasty, late 16th/early 17th century

H. 36 cm

The Deity seated in padmasana, the right hand raised in Karana mudra, dressed in long robes decorated with flowers at the hems, wearing ornate jewellery and a crown set with a small figure of Amitabha Buddha. Sculptures from this period, can be recognized by the relatively large head, and it is rare to find one with proportions that are perceived as perfect by most spectators. However, the Guanyin presented is, according to us, of this perfect form, resulting in an unmatched impression of serenity. While observing in all calmness, one would almost forget that the buddha is a man-made figure.

Private collection, Paris

The result of the accompanying CIRAM Authentication tests are consistent with the dating of this sculpture.


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