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bord Schreuder.jpg



Qianlong period, circa 1735-1740

The rim decorated with flower sprays, centrally the coat-of-arms of the Dutch Schreuder family.

Diam. 22.5 cm


The coat of arms in the centre of the plate has been wrongly attributed to the van Heijst or van Boonen families, but in 1997 it was decided that it belonged to Clara Geertruijda de la Haye (1729-1769), the wife of Jan Schreuder (1704-1769), counsellor of the Dutch East Indies, bearing this coat of arms on her will in Batavia on 27 June 1767. However, the de la Haye family usually took another coat of arms recorded in Batavia in 1759. Therefore it seems likely that this coat of arms with the three fleurs-de-lis belonged to her husband, Jan Schreuder, who was Governor and director of Ceylon from 1756 till 1761. The same arms, though with a different crest, were borne by his three children as depicted on their tombstone in Colombo; Susanna Engelberta Schreuder (baptized Surat, 20 April 1743; died Colombo, 29 March 1760), Huijbert Joan Schreuder (born Colombo, 4 February 1759; died Colombo, 29 May 1759) and an un-baptized daughter who died soon after birth. It is interesting to note that this coat of arms is depicted in exactly the same way on a Japanese lacquered copper beaker in the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

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