The most colourful continent of all, Africa, is home to the greatest diversity in, and the oldest, cultures. Although Europeans did great harm to the people, resilience made Africans persist and flourish, which can be seen in the vast diversity in sculpture, traditional dress and architecture that Africa has given the world. From the Islamic north and east, to the dense rainforest in the centre and savannah's in the south: Africa is truly a continent of which the grandeur is beyond comparison.

We present you rare artefacts from Africa, but also interpretations of its beautiful people and nature in fine art.

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A rare and exquisite pair of Chinese export porcelain ‘Table Bay’ dishes Qianlong period, 1735-1750

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Nine framed pencil and watercolour sketches depicting various African tribes by J. White, Esq., together with a book containing 41 tinted lithograph plates, after these and other sketches by J. White, and 21 pages with descriptions of the various tribes of South Africa


schilderij Beukes.jpg

G.J. Beekman (20th century)
South-African Mountain View


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Hardman Zuludans.jpg

Winifred Elizabeth Beatrice Hardman (1890-1972)

‘Zulu Dancers’


Winifred Elizabeth Beatrice Hardman (1890-1972)

‘Eve (The Snake)’


Philip Reeves (Nairobi 1952)
A Massai/Rendille tribe girl from Kenya


Elmina copy.jpg

Willem Troost (1812-1893)

Elmina Castle on the Gold Coast



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Benin stoeltje copy.jpg

A Kingdom of Benin 'Prestige Chair'
Late 19th early 20th century


A collection of Ndebele beadwork

South Africa, circa 1920 till 1980


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Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886-1957)
'Gereformeerde Kerk, Zuid Africa'


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G.R. Petereit (Late 19th/early 20th century)
“Groote Schuur”

Quirijn Maurits Rudolph Verhuell (1787-1860)
Two gentlemen in a Mauritian landscape, Port Louis in the background


A collection of Ndebele beadwork

South Africa, circa 1920 till 1980


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Eduard Frankfort (1864-1920)

“On safari, South Africa”


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A cold-painted bronze sculpture of a dancing man 


A pair of charming Ivory Coast polychrome wood sculptures of dressmakers


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Frans Oerder (1867-1944)
“Coconut rope weaver”


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Dutch School (18th century)

“Arrival of a Dutch East Indiaman in Table bay”


Riempie stoel copy.jpg

A Charming South-African blackened cedarwood and 'riempie' child's chair

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Koloniale kast01 copy.jpg

Winand Antoine Leonard Naiken (Verviérs 1897 – 1962)

 “Ngoski na Niska”


William James Cohen Stuart (1857-1935)
“Het Hollandsche Oefenescader liggende te Simonsbaai, 1876/77”, with the names of the ships, Zilveren Kruis, Curaçao, Leeuwarden and Van Galen.


Lamu stoel.jpg

A superb and Cape cabinet with silver mounts


An ebony-and-bone-inlaid African ebony 'Lamu' chair (Kita Chaenzi - Chair of Power)



Madeleine Lefebvre (1900-1976)
Djinga, 1946


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An impressive and important ambonya, stinkwood and pine Rococo Cape cabinet with ormolu mounts



Madeleine Lefebvre (1900-1976)
Danseuse Mutshioko, 1945



Madeleine Lefebvre (1900-1976)

Jeune fille Bakura m'fruja, 1946

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Wandelstok copy.jpg
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A collection of African trade beads

Property from the collection of J. Veen & H.J. Dallmeijer

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Meubles de port.jpg

Flemish or Italian/Venetian School (18th century)
Portrait of a black African boy


Kaap glas copy.jpg

A glass with the engraving of an Indiaman with text “ONSE BEHOUWE REYS AAN DE CAAP”

A set of six meubles de port French armchairs with figural back splats in the form of African animals

Wandelstok detail 2 copy.jpg

A rare and early 'Laongo ivory' (hippopotamus), ebony and silver walking cane

A Babanki-Tungo tribe wood chief's “bats” stool

Dequene copy.jpg


Still life with African masks, a carved wooden figure and textiles (circa 1932)

Document Tulbagh copy.jpg

A Cape of Good Hope land grant, dated 7th July 1724, with red wax seal CDG Hoop and signed by the chief clerk of the “Raad van Justitie” Rijk Tulbagh (1699-1771)

Document van Oudtshoorn copy.jpg

A Cape of Good Hope manuscript of a land grant, dated 21 January 1780, signed by W.F. van Reede van Oudtshoorn and witnessed by P. Fauze, secretary of the Council Policy

Verlat copy.jpg

Charles Michel Maria Verlat (1824-1890)
“Portrait of a vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus)”