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After Abraham Salm (1801-1876)

Twenty-four chromolithographs, finished by hand, mounted on later (acid-free) cards with original small printed title labels, in a modern box with gilt lettering on the front cover “Java naar schilderijen en tekeningen van A. Salm”

The set of very rare 24 chromolithographs was published by J.C. Grieve Jr. and edited by Frans Buffa & Zonen between 1865 and 1872. It is one of the most beautiful of Buffa’s publications.

Chromolithograph, 36 x 26.4 cm (landscape and portrait formats)

The paintings and drawings by Abraham Salm are regarded as the finest depictions of the Javanese topography and culture. Abraham Salm established himself first as a merchant in Surabaja but afterwards became the owner of a tobacco plantation in Malang. He was a self-taught artist and spent twenty-nine years in Indonesia.


Depicted are:

Landscape in the Bantam Residency

View on the river Solo, Assistant-Residency Toeban

Marriage procession in the valley of the Salakh

In the Tenger mountains, east side of Java

Landscape near Malang, Residency Pasoeroean

The main road from Buitenzorg passing the land of Tjisaroa over the Mogamendong to the Preanger Residencies

The land of Tjitrap, Assistant- Residency Buitenzorg

The small bay Srigonjo, south coast of Java

The sugar factory Pangka, Tagal Residency

In the Sumadang area, Preanger Regency

A view on the land of Tjiliboet, Assistant Residency Buitenzorg

Anjer, Strait Sunda, north coast of Java, Bantam Residency

The bathing place Wenditt, Assistant-Residency Malang

Erupting volcano Bromo in 1856, Probolingo Residency

A view of the land of Kedong Badak and the main road to Buitenzorg

Landscape in the “Ommelanden” of Batavia

Landscape in moonlight near Sumedang

The road from Buitenzorg to the valley of the Salakh

Wild landscape in east Javanese

Waterfall Singahan, Rembang Residency

The river Brantas in the mountains, Pasoeroean Residency

The volcano Smeroe, seen from the Pasoeroean Residency

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