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The collection, being one of the most spectacular, has carefully been composed by Guus Röell and Dickie Zebregs. Guus, an expert in art and antiques that are fundamentally colonial, shows the great diversity of the world art history. His collection comprises fine art, furniture, rare artefacts and antiques from the Americas, to Africa and China, Japan and Southeast-Asia. Röell specializes in the colourful history of overseas exploration during the Age of Discovery from the 16th to the 19th century. Dickie, specializes in Taxidermy, Natural History and Wunderkammer objects, and searches for the most wonderful Victorian, 19th century, taxidermy displays and domes. Also, he looks for the wonders of the natural and human world, that can be placed in your wunderkammer.


With the exquisite taste for rarity, unique craftsmanship, historical maps, fine brushwork, perfect carvings and art, we present you the finest and most sought-after pieces of absolute museum quality from far away shores. We realize some of the objects in our collection are difficult to some, but we try to explain both sides of the history, from Western and the other perspective.

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